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Monday, November 14, 2011

I realize I make many folks crazy this time of year with my constant chatter about Christmas music and Christmas talk. I thought I'd share with you all my reasoning for my love for the season and why frankly I'd love it if Christmas season were year round!
The reason I celebrate Christmas is because of Christ, not gifts. I love Christmas because I love Christ, not gifts. I like getting gifts, sort of, but I LOVE giving them. Really. What I love most about the season is how much it makes me focus on Christ. Throughout the year it is a daily reminder to myself that this life is NOT about me. It's not about my hopes and dreams, it's about His hopes and dreams for me. So my mind often struggles to look to Christ each day and seek out His will and His heart. During the Christmas season though I find it extremely easy to seek Him. It's everywhere around me. When I turn on my radio, when I think of the gifts I'm giving this year and even when I'm baking. After all, as I have mentioned in earlier posts food and eating is sooo biblical.
Mostly though my heart is focused on Him when I listen to Christmas music. Did you realize that most music we listen to between December 1st and the 25th is actually not " Christmas" music but beautiful hymns rich in history and worship? I'm fairly certain they have become "seasonal" due to our lust for more commercial and more about us. Why else would people get so crazy about playing Christmas music before Halloween? It reminds them of spending too early. It reminds us that we only have 50 shopping days.  It should remind us of Him, and His sacrifice.
Have you ever seen or heard Handel's Messiah?? When I hear the Hallelujah Chorus I can not help but shout at the top of my lungs, "FOREVER FOREVER HALLELUJAH!!! KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS!" Right? Anybody else? Yes, my kids shrink down a bit in the car when I'm belting that out. Usually I'm alone. Think about it. If you know Jesus, is there a better sound than a hundred voices singing that chorus? Who cares if it's July 1st? It's says FOREVER, HALLELUJAH! Not, "It's DECEMBER! HALLELUJAH!".
Please forgive me for my passion and zeal for this season. It's the one time of year even people who don't know the Lord are singing about Him. It is a wonderful time of year. We are all so much more thoughtful, cheerful. I get so tickled when I hear the music at the market too. It makes everyone shop a little more happier. Why? Not because they are singing a Christmas song in their heads, but because they are singing about CHRIST. When our minds are fixed on Him, our attitudes change dramatically. Whether you like it or not that's what the season is all about.
Just ask Linus.
Please enjoy the link before. It's a bit unorthodox though I imagine Handel would have loved to see his piece sung at Macy's.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Home school kids are weird

Well, isn't that what you say when you think home schooling? I've said it. I've said it about my own children. *gasp*! defines weird this way;
1. involving or suggesting the supernatural,
2. fantastic; bizarre

Well, unless you're saying kids who are home schooled are supernatural, which from a godly perspective that is great, then you must be saying that these kids are fantastic.
Which I'm guessing is not the meaning behind the " home school kids are weird" comment. At least it wasn't my intention at first.

You see as we have gone on this adventure for the past 3 years, I have had all sorts if comments and concerns. Rightly so since home schooling is different. Different. There's another word thrown around when talking about home schooled kids. As I have watched my children grow in the past 3 years it has amazed me that what I thought was weird, really IS weird, but in the true sense of the weird. Fantastic and supernatural! My goal when I had kids was never to help them fit in. Or to help them be "normal". My husband and I have always been far from that. Hence the mismatched socks on Marck and the blue or pink hair I'd sport from time to time. Or the disdain we have for credit cards and would rather go without than have it now and be in debt. Being different has it's perks. No one expects you to be like them. They almost freak out if you do anything mainstream. However, when you pull something on your community like pull your kids out of school you're bound to get a bit more grief than if you'd just colored your hair pink and worn mismatched socks to the Kroger.

Weird. Here's how my kids are weird. Yesterday they played bookstore. Before that they turned out whole house into a train, complete with compartments and a dining car. (we've recently taken a train ride). For a halloween party they made their own costumes. weeeeird.
They have recently built a whaling ship out of Legos, from learning about Japan a few weeks back, last week Canon made a Parthenon out of playdoh. Greece you know. They have also painted laying on their backs after learning about Michelangelo and this week since we are studying Germany they have been playing Lego castles.

Their play isn't mainstream I guess.  They don't berate each other for being different, instead encourage each other's ideas. This is something I am deeply grieved about when I hear other kids do that. They build each other up and protect each other. Their whole world is learning and growing and becoming better people for the community around them. They have a desire for the lost in our world and the ones who are hurting. They think about heaven, a lot, and they wonder when they will get to go there. They are not concerned with other people think about them.

The word weird has taken on a whole new meaning for me. The appropriate meaning. I love that my kids wear clothes that make them look a step away from homeless, or at least blind. I love to see them express themselves with abandon. It tickles me to hear them dream of living in Thailand because it sounds like a place you wear ties, or to pray they get to see a real castle someday soon. I'd rather they be "weird" and dream and create and grow and become fantastic people than to mold into mainstream and be lifeless and dull. My guess is Einstein, Lincoln, the Wright brothers, Amelia and all the rest of those lovely people were considered weird. And truly they were fantastic! Aren't you glad they were?