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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Phew! We made it!

Here we are, May 25th and we've made it! My goal was to be finished with school the 26th, before hubby's and my birthdays( after all who wants to teach on their birthdays!), and we are! Looking back on our year this my friends is nothing short of a miracle. On our second day of the school we got a lovely phone call that changed our lives forever. And turns out changed the big plans I had for this school year. We were going to go on field trips to museums and train rides and factories that made bread! Heck it was going to be the best school experience my kids had ever had. That wasn't the way things went down. Our fab field trips turned out to be just Children's hospital at least once a week with an overnight stay that wasn't exactly the Hyatt. When most of Texas was hunkered down because of ice storms and worried about when they will see the outside world again, we were traipsing all over DFW getting tests and lymph nodes removed.
Throughout the year I had been known to throw a tantrum at the Lord and shake my sorry fist at Him and say" this wasn't my PLAN!!" "This SUCKS!!". I was not only mad at the reason for the interruption but the fact that we couldn't do all the things we planned. The kids didn't learn a lick of world history or geography like I had planned. Would they be illiterate? In one of rants and raves I suddenly realized all that was fluff. God showed me if they are reading, writing, and doing math, they are perfectly fine. But me being the type A over achiever that was hard to swallow. It was hard to take that my perfect plan was not only interrupted but it would never come to pass. So gently God whispered, " you ways are not My ways". Oh snap! No kidding right? I had forgotten that through praying for healing for Zion that God was also working a work in everyone else in Weir,Tx. He was working on our characters, our view of the rest of the world. He was drawing us closer to each other and to Him.
So where my children didn't take a lot of tests, and they may not yet know how many countries are in Africa,(hell husband can't tell you that either), but they can tell you about a little girl who is fighting for her life that they pray for often. They can tell you what it means to give your extra pennies to buy a toy for a child who is getting some awful tests done that day. They can tell you that they know how to pray for their brother to not get cancer again. My favorite part is that if you asked them who their best friend is they would say without hesitation it's each other.  I love how close we are now. I love that instead of sticking to my rigid curriculum I check in with the Lord and see what He wants to work on.
God's plan is truly amazing. My goal for the 2011-2012 school year is to listen to His voice and follow His plan for our family. That and watch the summer Olympics! :-) Maybe His plan would include us going to London?? Happy Summer friends!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

She's eight now...

Oh my baby girl turned 8 today! I can't believe she's so old now! Eight feels huge. As I watched her open her gifts and enjoy her time at Amazing Jakes I couldn't help but feel a little sad. In 10 years she will be headed off to college. I know, that's a long time off. But not really. Just a minute ago I was rocking her to sleep in our California home as a new born. Just a blip ago I was swaddling her up tight so she'd sleep through the night. Eight years flew by so I'm sure 10 will go even faster.
 As I watched her with her head phones in her ears playing cat physics, I thought here we go. The time when the ears are plugged and the tuning mom out begins. It can't be here already! I'm not ready to vie for her attention. I'm not ready to compete with outside information. Ready or not here it is.
So she's 8. Not a huge age but still some how it feels big to me. Maybe with her brother on the horizon of 10 and littler brother starting kindergarten this fall everything is sailing past me.
I'm reminded tonight that this moment is passing to quick. The bible reminds us that we are here today and tomorrow we are like faded flowers. I am reminded tonight that my baby girl isn't a baby any more. She is all too quickly growing into a young lady and soon a young woman.
I pray that as she continues to grow time wouldn't pass too quick.That we'd celebrate each day as if it were her special day. I pray that though I say I try to live everyday on purpose with her, that I actually would. Lastly I pray she would know how much she is treasured in Weir,Tx. Life is so full and so rich with Eden Weir in our midst.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's been a week, and I'm still giddy!

Yep, a whole we since In and Out graced us with it's presence. Can't you just hear the angels in heaven singing?? No, wait til Trader's comes! Then you'll hear it!
Over the past week I have been so amused at all the Fb postings about this glorious place. Really, all the slander. All the hatred over why on God's green earth would we ever stand in line for a burger. After all it is just a burger. I mean, I have read some pretty hateful things. Really. To top it off there was a woman at baseball the other day who was ready to SPIT NAILS she was so irritated about the line. She say's, ugh, IT"S JUST A HAMBUGER!!". And she was all sour puss looking when she said it. To which, of course I told her to simmer down Missy. Some of us enjoy the lines and the stupid burger. :-)
It's made me laugh really at my community and how people get worked up over the DUMBEST things. That's me shouting BTW. What does it matter to you if I stand in a line for hours for a burger? Why does it bother you soo much? The same folks complaining about people standing in line are the very same ones who think nothing of spending crazy money on sports, phones, or electronics for their kids! You don't see me picketing and rioting on FB about it do you? Nope, I let them be crazy in their own way not even mentioning the fact that their kids might turn out to be monsters later in life. Yep never say a word about it.
It's just been hilarious. I've never in my life seen so much uproar over a hamburger. I imagine that In and Out would thank all those people who got so bent out of shape. Likely because of them those who wouldn't have even given it a thought now are curious and head their way to spend their money. I guess I should thank them. More interest in the place will keep it thriving that much longer.
Some people value gadgets, some clothes, still others cars. Me, it's food. Food and coffee. I'm giddy it's here! I'm over joyed Trader's is coming. I have mentioned but in case you forgot, there is going to be a feast in heaven remember! I believe God is giddy over food too. :-)
Just one more reason why this place is fantastic... Twisted Root for our family of 6: $72, In and Out for our family of 6: $20.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In and Out...What is that Hamburger All About?

As most of you know I have waited with baited breath for In and Out to open. I promise you when I tell you that I have prayed for one to come to Texas, believe me I  have PRAYED. I also prayed for Trader Joe's to come and looky here! It's coming!! Never underestimate the power of prayer.
Sorry, I digress. So here we are opening day! Most of you from TX are wondering what's the big deal anyway? Why are all the West Coast folks so crazy excited that we would consider or even really go camp out a night before? Well I'm here to give you my reasons for excitement.
I have heard people say, " oh that place isn't that good!" Before I haul off and slap them smartly about the head I have to remember In and Out is not really about the food. It's all about the experience and if you didn't grow up in CA you likely will not appreciate the burger. The menu itself is a work of art in it's simplicity. There are few things on the menu. Hamburgers, fries, sodas and shakes. That's it. There is the "secret" menu. For heaven's sake it's not a secret menu already! It's just that if you haven't been going to In and Out for a hundred years you don't know there are other options. Like going to Starbucks and not knowing you can order a short cup rather than tall. You would however know that if you've been going to Starbucks since you were a young girl fresh out of high school, wide eyes at the opportunity to buy a beautiful cup of coffee any time you wanted.
Digressing again.
Also with the menu is the items on the menu are not gross and laden with grease, oil or mayo. WHATABURGER! That is just sick and wrong. Everything is fresh as a daisy. The lettuce, the tomato the bun, oh that toasty bun. Everything is just crispy fresh.
After the menu is the little tiny scripture verses printed on the bottoms of the cups. Just the reference, like John 3:16. I just LOVE that! I love that they are willing to put something wonderful on their product that might get people pointed to God. Love love love it!
Lastly you have the whole experience. After a day at the beach, you see the palm trees and the familiar red and white checkered tile in the distance and you think, " nothing would finish this amazing day at the beach like a double double washed down by a Coke!" You walk in, the people are so friendly and patient as you hem and ha over animal style or plain. They have those cute aprons with the ENORMOUS safety pin holding them on. I love those! Or after a long night at work and you really could use a good yummy burger... In and Out is there for you.
So that's it. As you stand in line for 3 hours today or drive by thinking those  people are stone cold crazy, remember it's a memory we are capturing. It's a taste of something that is just not available in the great American Fat Lands. For those of us who have longed for it for years and years, please let us have our moment without the criticism. We have put up with nasty grease burgers for so long. Let us enjoy our beautiful burgers and fries. And no, Mooyah's is not the same, and neither is GoGo burger. Just a sad not so cheap  imitation.
Happy In and Out day everyone!!