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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

7-Clothes wrap up

Currently I'm in a stripey brown shirt WITH a tank top under WITH sock AND slippers and jeans on. All the capitals on account of the fact that I'm done with 7 clothes section, it's cold here in Tx, and I'm grateful to be able to layer. That said here's the wrap up-
As I was sans my slippers and extras last week I fell into a grateful mode that Jen Weir has never had before. So grateful for extras and excess and yet so burdened by those that are not as fortunate as me. I found myself thanking the Lord for the many many many many many many blessings He has showered little Weir,Tx. I found myself grieved that many go without.
I must say the hardest day by far was Easter. Going to church in jeans, pink t-shirt, zip up sweat shirt and running shoes ON EASTER IN NORTH DALLAS was humbling. Turns out I'm sure no one cared what I was wearing. Also, my kids LOVED the fact I was not involved in their clothing choices for Good Friday service and Easter.
You'll noticed Jonah's attire in the pic... That would be his fancies for Good Friday.
My Eden wore her finest as well, a velvet blue sparkly number. God showed me this week that I spend WAY too much time primping up me and the family and ZERO time thinking about Him on Sunday mornings. Ouch.
I have nothing more profound to share with you about what the clothes section has done in my mind and life because you are not me, and I am not you. One thing I have learned these past 3 weeks is my journey is my own. Those around me are on their own journey, and they are learning/growing/changing as they and the Lord see fit.
That said, you may notice me in the same thing for every birthday lunch/dinner function. I may be sporting some hippy looking long skirts, shirts and shoes that look like they were made in Africa. (they will be)  I will likely be shopping more frequenrly at the Thrift Shops rather than the mall....With $20 in my pockets...
If we cross paths on April 16th, please do not be alarmed at the fact myself and my children will be without shoes in order to raise awareness for kids who go without shoes every day. True story. Yes I know it's unsanitary, yes I know I'll look dirty, and yes I know I won't be allowed in some places. Remember paragraph 2? My journey isn't your journey? Carry on good Samaritan.
Today I started the possessions section of 7. As this will be a long tale to tell, I'll end this entry here. As I am never long without things to write about, I have plenty to share on that subject.

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  1. Love it, Jen. Especially love the I am not you and you are not me part. So hard not to compare ourselves, so hard not to always be judging (both ourselves and others), so good to be reminded that we are each on our own journey here with this study and out in the world.

    PS Tell me more about the no shoes day! This is intriguing.