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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A little of Possessions and a whole lotta Media chit chat

Ok so, I've been off the grid, under ground, flying under the radar, ( pick your favorite line) for about 2 weeks now and I'm feeling the need to share a bit about 7 and where we're at.
here's a brief  wrap up of possessions. Can I just tell you our God is beyond AMAZING!! I can not even say how the possessions week made me realize He really really really absolutely positively cares about our needs, wants and desires. Going into all the details of what happened that week would require you to transform yourself into the paper whore that I myself am, (yes I have a crafting problem), drool and lust over craft supplies at Hobby Lobby, buy so much craft crap that you have a craft closet STUFFED with stamps, punches, paper, doodads and bobbles and then try to figure out if you are to purge 7 things a day for a week, who'd want your precious collection.
Kids in Uganda that's who.
Straight up I'm not lying about this. In about 3 months, some precious kiddos half way around the world will be stamping and inking their little hearts out.
I need one of those kids.

Onto MEDIA WEEK!!!! 

This friends is the week I have dreaded. Truly. I love my phone. I love my Pinterest. I love my WWF. I love love love seeing what you all do on Facebook, and as you all know I think I'm the funniest human I know personally so of course I love posting my juvenile thoughts on FB.
I knew this week would pinch beyond pinchy. No thought in my brain would ever lead me to the discovery about myself that I made during those 7 days.
As with the clothing week, the timing was divine. We started on a Wednesday and by that Saturday I was flying to Denver to visit a sweet precious friend. Y'all, I was FLYING ON A PLANE FOR 2 WHOLE HOURS WITHOUT USE OF MY PHONE!!!! What on earth would do with myself???????
First can I just say TSA is grounds for much much Facebook fodder?? I mean no one but yours truly gets tested for explosives (true story) or nurses their baby in front a bunch of minor league hockey players, or has their 7 month old baby get patted down going through security.
Please do not get me started on the hilarity that is Weir,Tx. These people I live with do things hourly that are begging to be shared with the entire free world.

I'll back up to Wednesday- with my daughter's insightful comment... " um mom you picked a bad week to start this whole media thing".... Me- " why?" Her- because we have to drive ALL THE WAY INTO DALLAS today."
Yep, the sound you are hearing is the world's tiniest violin playing a dirge for her...
I decided to leave my phone out of sight as to not be pestered by it's appearance every minute of every day. Like a little yellow beacon saying, "check me!! check me!!'
I had to look at it every once in awhile to respond to the occasional hair friend, or snarky friend who knew I needed a fix. :-) You know who you are and you're my favorite.
By Thursday a friend texted, " U ok??"
Good Lord in heaven what has our grammar come to??

Thinking back to when this tiny little treasure burst onto the scene of my life. Ah yes, 2010, the month before my son was diagnosed with the big C. During that season I used my phone, facebook, words with friends as an escape. Much like an alcoholic, but more socially acceptable. Son turns out ok, life resumes back to normal but now I have this little habit of "checking" things... constantly.  Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, games, email, texts messages, calendar... I had become some of my hair friends beck and call girl at times. Texting at all hours or calling for hair crisis's and wondering why didn't I pick up?? Um.. maybe because it's sunday afternoon you psycho.
On a side note, I've broken up with those people.
A year and a half later I get to be a momma to a baby in the NICU for a month. Ugh, more escaping needed. I was LONELY in there. It's really really lonely and sad. Sad because I wanted to be home with her and the rest of Weir,Tx. Lonely because, well, the same reason.
So as this media fast went on, I stopped having my little friend around and started listening to my Jesus. I am alone often as I nurse Selah Jane without the people so I get 6-8 times a day in her room. Just Selah, me and Jesus. Turns out, I was too distracted to hear Him.  I had been praying before all this, " God I just can't hear you much any more".  My phone had become my link to the "outside" world for too long. I never needed that outside world. I needed Him.
I realized also that I have 302 friends... Guess how many friends noticed I wasn't on Facebook any more? Two.
I think it's safe to say I could unfriend 300 people without them noticing. :-)
Through the media fast I noticed I am deeply disturbed by my relationships with people. I long to have coffee and chat with you and SEE you. You know face to face. Like real people.
My resolve on this issue is this- call people more. I know they may not pick up, I know they may not appreciate me taking up their time. That's ok. I'll feel better.
Our family dynamics have changed greatly in 7 days. My kids knew not to ask for electronics and it was so peaceful. No fighting over Mario. I hate you Nintendo. No begging to bring i products in the car just to go to Whole Foods. (Really Weir kids?? You are allergic to being bored?) Oh wait, there's that saying, " the apple doesn't fall far..." Right.
We played games, we drew pictures. I started reading real books again, not blogs. Which was another eye opening thing for me.  I had no clue of how many times I scoured blogs and websites for answers to questions about momming, cooking or living healthy. As it turns out, I'm pretty damn good at all those things without the internet. My kids are my kids, our tastes in foods are our tastes in foods, and I can only live so green/vegan/healthy/ raw.  I really and truly do not need to learn another thing on those subjects.
Pinterest.... let's just say I now have a love, mostly hate relationship with you. Pinterest is a site to go to if you want to feel like you suck at all the above mentioned things.
There it is friends. I told you before this blogging season through 7 will likely make little sense to you. So much of myself has been laid bare throughout these past weeks it's painful.
 My prayer at the beginning was find out how to live "normal" after my hurricane. To heal, to breathe. Ditching the iproduct has been life changing. When I sit with Selah in her room to feed her, I look at her. And pray. I don't look at what you did on vacation last week. When I sit and listen to Canon read I listen to him read, not play a word back to you. When I draw a picture with Jonah, I draw a picture, not pin a recipe for dinner later.
When Zion asks my to teach him Quantum Physics, I RUN to my phone and get on Google in a hot hurry because Lord knows I need my google at a time like that!
I'll leave you with this challenge... Be with those who are there.
While visiting with friends during my media break, at one point I was the only one not on a smart something or other. **awkward**
I'm not knocking them, I didn't care if they were busy noodling, honestly I was busy enjoying Selah lick her floor.  What struck a cord was that could be me, that was me. I want to be with those who are with me. Mostly it's my kids who are with me. I have precious little time with them before they leave Weir,Tx and get lives, jobs, spouses and all the other things of grown up worlds.
So many take aways really from the Media week in 7. But, I have just finished Waste week and am dying to blog about that. The hippie tree hugger in me is about to get real friends.

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